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Do you want a dog that doesn’t jump on you? Do you want a dog that doesn’t puppy bite you anymore? Do you want a dog that doesn’t run away from you? Through repetition your dog will be conditioned to respond to a variety of commands including; “here,” “heel,” “sit,” “no,” and “kennel”. These are the most basic, but, the most essential in a dog’s training and safety. These commands alone create a very welcomed family member and allow a dog to live up to its full potential. The dog that doesn’t jump on anyone and comes when called is a pleasure to have as part of your life.



Obedience Training

Once the obedience program is mastered, meaning that your dog responds even in the face of distractions such as neighbors, other dogs, cats, etc., they are ready to go home and enjoy their new life as the new dog that can now be enjoyed by the family. Whether you are in the market for a family companion or a gun dog, they all start in obedience, which is the first and most important step in a dog’s life. Again, obedience done right is what they all need for your happiness, and theirs as well.

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